What we do...

Colectivo XVII is a group of visionary artists who promote the progressive power of the arts by involving the community in the creative process of public installations. It is our mission to raise interest and promote the education of the arts and create opportunities for established and emerging artists. We are open to collaborate with others who share our vision. We advocate the arts for the El Paso/Juarez community.

  • True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.

    Albert Einstein
  • Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.

    Oscar Wilde
  • This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

    Henry David Thoreau

The Team

The collective includes muralists, painters, print makers, illustrators, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, writers, actors, dancers, sound engineers, musicians, singers, graphic designers, web designers, software designers, digital animators, audio visual projection artists, jewelers, poets, chefs, and more.



Art director, photographer, videographer

I see magic everywhere I go. I see light and I see darkness – perfectly merging in the creation of a new transformative vision that manifests in my every step, every thought, every word, every image.


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Gabriel Marquez

Lead sculptor, photographer, designer

This current series of work are products of my experimentation in which I use objects to convey meaning rather than painting them. I have taken on a new approach to my art by combining mediums such as plaster casting and painting and fused them together. As an artist I have always used drawing and painting as a means to create art. I feel that presenting the viewer an object that …

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Mario Rojo

Painter, print maker

Born in 1990 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Rojo now lives and works in El Paso, Texas borderland between Mexico and the United States. A place of cultural clash Rojo interprets the sensibility of such territory placed in the geographically and politically segmented. Creating works inspired by the presence of micro-, the unknown, the unperceived. Then too, the mirroring of macro-, the large, the immense and even as infinite as the …

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Richard Hill

Writer, photographer

Regardless of the medium, my art intends to express, intensify and revolutionize the existent perceptions and interpretations of our universe. It is, in essence, an emerging will; constantly attempting to reflect and translate itself into something both comprehensive and non-comprehensive for the minds.
Many times, life survives by satisfaction and pleasure: my pleasure is to tease the curious human mind, and its intrinsec, vulnerable senses.


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Painter, art director, poet, vago

Margarita Rincones + Rodolfo Rincones = Rodolfo Enrrique Rincones

I believe the universe is interconnected.
There is a range of tangible and intangible, visible and invisible connections.
We have always tried to make sense and learn the multiple dimensions of these connections, which affect organisms. We have come to represent that phenomena with text or in a spoken manner, yet our imagination produces forms and colors in order to remember these …

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Briseida Ochoa

Art therapist/ Painter

As human beings, we tend to lose touch with every day moments – things we always do unconsciously and seize to observe while being fully present. I enjoy capturing memories that are void in our memories. Shaping images over others, like lost dreams complimenting each other. Combining images and objects in my photos represents a new visual concept – the power of creating and destroying any lost moment. Photography helps …

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Joe Finger

Sound engineer, musician

Simple experiments sometimes work. To know the proportion of of your spatial influence. The intent to maintain it good and simple. Instead of a handful of notes. To build it tall instead of broad. To combine the spatial elements to make substantial energy . like an alchemist. Also to explore destroying the fountain that we use as filter ,making an impact of ourselves in other words.


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Manuel Urueta

Muralist, mask maker, filmmaker

Straight lines talk;  whispering. Lines that dance; scream. I like to listen to them. Discover them. Depict them . the reason that with no doubt… they show . The benefit that receives the world is like that. Comes to the ears like a scream. With less sense and much form. Like looking at clouds. Everybody could feel it…

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The News

Our most recent updates & work

The Redrum

The Redrum



Colectivo XVII



at the Red Room (behind The Network)

Thursday September 25 at 9 PM

as part of the Last Thursdays Art Crawl

Come hang out with us!

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A day in the life of: 17

 ¿Cómo empiezas algo que no quieres que termine? Así, quizá, son nuestros días.

Despertamos pensando, vivimos creando. Entre la marejada de ideas alguna ola nos lleva hacia el mismo rumbo… y, entonces, nos encontramos. Entre risas, silencios y quimeras, el ambiente hace de las suyas. Saludamos a uno, saludamos a otro, nos relajamos. A veces no sabemos si los proyectos son nuestros hijos, eso que cuidamos y a lo que le …

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